MobyMax Pro License Review & Giveaway!

Hey, ya'll! I'm so happy to share the opportunity I've had to use MobyMax with my students! My students are really enjoying it and growing in their math skills all by themselves!

What is MobyMax?

MobyMax is an online math and reading program that focuses on common core standards K-8. Students learn and practice independently thanks to the tools MobyMax provides.

How I Have Used MobyMax

I teach 4th grade math in a Spanish immersion setting, so MobyMax has been great as homework to help my students get practice in the English language and also to aid in filling gaps they may have in their mathematical understanding.

To Start Using MobyMax as Homework I:
  1. Set up an account for each student. MobyMax makes this very simple and painless.
  2. Had students click on the Math button and take a placement test. After the placement test, MobyMax automatically assigned them lessons and practice problems based on the students' results. I did not have to anything.

  3. I then assigned MobyMax as daily homework each week. Students are to complete 40 minutes of practice time each week. Oh! And this also includes fun game time that students can earn by working on their math skills.

  4. How do I check their minutes? By clicking on the Time button and then on Day Tally. I changed the dates to the previous week in order to check their minutes. It's super easy to check and students are rewarded with a QR code behavior coupon. 
And this is what I do for just math. Students have also been working on their facts with Fact Master, and as you can see, there are a lot of options for working on language arts skills, too.

It has been really interesting for me to start teaching a lesson and have students say they are working on that same skill in MobyMax. Two of my students who are very quick in math already mastered long division before I taught it. Is that a problem? No way. Those students can now be "teachers" at their tables and my mini assistants. And now they can move on to higher skills that they are ready for. I often feel I do not push my high kids enough, but now with this program, students can push their own selves higher!

So, would I recommend using MobyMax? Absolutely! The ease of assessing where students are at and providing them just what they need is amazing. I am very excited to see how standardized testing goes this year.

Now, if this sounds like a resource you could definitely use in your classroom, you're in luck! MobyMax has generously offered to give away a free MobyMax Pro License to a lucky FlapJack follower (a $99 value!). If you would like a chance to be the fortunate recipient of this prize, please enter the giveaway below. The contest ends Saturday, February 7th at midnight. ¡Buena suerte!

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  1. I found out about MobyMax at a conference I went to, and I really wanted to use it this year. But I only have 1 computer in my classroom, so I'm worried about how long it will take for all my 2nd grade students to pass the assessments to place them. Does it take very long?


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