Self-Checking Bottle Cap Centers

 Hey, ya'll! It's Bright Ideas Blog Hop time! :) I'm going to share with you a fun and easy-to-make center that your students will love.

It all started with my obsession a few years back with "going green." Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of steam with this issue, but for awhile there, I tried to reuse anything and everything in my classroom. One way I did that was with bottle cap lids.

I created problems on the outside of the lids...

 And answers on the inside.

If you'd like to see how it works in action, please watch my latest Youtube video:


Self-Checking Bottle Cap Centers

If you've already got the gist of it, ask students to bring in caps so you can go ahead and get started on your own bottle cap learning center. It's a perfect idea to reinforce being green and to celebrate Earth Day in April!


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  1. You are adorable! Hey just an idea. I put clear tape over everything I write in sharpie and then the sharpie does not rub off. I loved your video.
    Teacher to the Core


    1. Genius common sense! Thanks so much for the tip and for stopping by! :)


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