Factor Rainbows FREEBIE & Bundle

Hey, guys!

We've been having some major fun with factor rainbows this past week! I love using factor rainbows because they really help students not miss any of the factors for a number which often happens if they only try to list factor pairs for a number.

Here's a worksheet freebie in English and Spanish for students to practice making factor rainbows. They can scan the QR code if you would like for them to self-check their answers.

 Factor Rainbows Worksheet Freebie

We also created a factor rainbow craftivity, played a Smart Board game, solved QR code task cards, and completed a self-checking mini book. You can all of this in my most recent YouTube video.

Factor Rainbows YouTube Video

Here is a link to the complete Factor Rainbow Activity Bundle.

 Factor Rainbows Activity Bundle

We're just making math more fun, one QR code at a time! :P Hope you enjoy the freebie!

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  1. Thanks for the resource! Muchas gracias :-)

    1. De nada, Carmen! Espero que lo disfrutes! :)

  2. Love it! Can't wait to try it with my kiddos next week!!

    1. Thank you, Amy! Hope you all enjoy it!

  3. Love this visual for factors and products! Thank you so much!


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