Silly McGilly Classroom Ideas

Hey, ya'll! Have you heard of Silly McGilly? He's a lot like Elf on the Shelf, but you can actually TOUCH him (thank goodness!). He came to our classroom this year with a special book. My partner teacher read it to our class at the beginning of March and he stayed in her classroom since he doesn't speak Spanish. :P Two kids were chosen each day to keep Silly McGilly. At the end of the day, they placed him in the windowsill. And every morning, they were greeted by some kind of ridiculous mischief created by Silly McGilly.

Here are a few things he did in our classroom:

1) Turned all the books upside down except his own (not shown in pic).

2) My husband says this was totally inappropriate of "Silly McGilly." Well, I didn't have anything to do with it, so....

3) This trick was a major pain! It's actually really hard reading time upside down!

4) No tricks on this day. Silly McGilly just needed to relax.

5) Especially because his next trick was a big one - he "stached" all of the star student photos!

6) Then he went to the North Pole and kidnapped Snowflake! It seems he was jealous of all the attention Snowflake gets. He said he would only return her if the students found 17 gold coins he had hidden. They had to find them and sort them into mini black pots by matching equivalent fractions (did not take enough pics of this trick - sorry!)

7) The kids only found 16 coins. We thought it would be a dark day. But, Snowflake's kindness softened Silly McGilly's mischievous heart (a little bit). He returned Snowflake to the North Pole and brought back homework coupons for everyone.

8) Apparently, Silly McGilly caught a cold in the North Pole!

And apparently Silly McGilly sneezies smell like Aloe Vera.

9) His final trick was whipping up some of his famous juice and dressing up for St. Patty's.

Do you have a Silly McGilly?? If not, be sure to get one before next St. Patty's! If you do, what silliness has he conspired in your classroom??

I guess next up is a visit from the Easter bunny!

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  1. So cool! I want to be in your class!!! I loved the fraction coins idea. :)

    1. Lol! You know the pics make it look a lot more fun than it really is :P. Thank you, amiga!


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