Spring Fraction Ideas

Hey, ya'll! I love spring and it's a great time to add in some fun activities to get students moving. Here is what my students are doing to review fractions before spring break.

Fractions of Whole Numbers Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, you can do this with any type of review questions, but for my students, I made up fractions of whole number problems.

Here's What I Did:

1) I wrote problems on strips of index cards and numbered them.

2) I numbered 24 eggs with a Sharpie marker and covered that with tape so it won't wipe off.
3) I created an answer key (fun! :P).
4) I hid the eggs in easy-to-spot places around the classroom (outside would be much more fun).

Here's What Students Did:

1) Students wrote 1-24 in their recording notebooks. If you are a recording sheet type of teacher, you can download a free copy of this bunny recording sheet that will work with any set of 24 problems. (Spanish version included!)


2) Then of course they went around searching for eggs and solving them in their notebooks.

Afterwards, they checked with a friend and went back and looked at any problems that they had different answers to.
3) Then we checked the problems as a whole group.

If you'd liked an even easier, no-prep way of doing this math egg hunt, check out the following post.


Next up...

What I Did:

1) I bought 6 baskets, some grass, and two packets of plastic eggs that each had 6 pairs of differently-colored eggs (giving me 4 eggs of each color in total with six different colors of eggs).
2) Then I wrote fractions on each of the eggs with a Sharpie.

I made sure to do different types of fractions. Some had denominators of 10 and 100 to compare. Some all had the same numerator. Some all had the same denominator, and so on.

3) I hid the eggs in visible places.

What Students Did:

1) Students were divided up into six teams and given a specific color look for along with a basket.
2) Once I gave them the signal, they searched for their four eggs and then placed them in order from least to greatest.

3) I checked to see if they were correct.
4) Students then hid their eggs in easy-to-find spots and waited for the next round.
5) Students were assigned a new color and began the hunt again.

Last up...

What I Did:

1) I found these fun rabbit headbands last year at Dollar General, but they only had 12. So I bought these foam glitter shapes and some headbands and made 12 more.

We'll see how long this lasts, right?? I'll be adding hot glue next year.
2) On the rabbit headbands, I wrote fractions that needed to be simplified on each ear.

2) On the spring headbands, I wrote a simplified fraction.

3) You only need enough for each student in your class.

What Students Did:

1) Students placed a headband on their head.
2) They wrote 1-20 (for the number of students in the class) in their recording journals. This is when the bunny sheet would come in handy again.
3) They found a friend. If the friend was wearing a bunny headband, they simplified all 4 fractions. If the friend was wearing a flower headband, they wrote 4 equivalent friends.
4) They continued finding other friends and solving problems until they had completed all 20 simplifying and equivalent fraction problems.

We had a lot of fun, and I hope these ideas inspire you to have a little spring fun, too, in your classroom. These are all great activities for bringing the classroom outside, also. And you can cover many different skills with these ideas, not just fractions.

What easy and fun ideas do you have to share with me for fun spring learning? I love to add new ones to my list!

Happy Spring!

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  1. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing....I've pinned it for next year. Also love the bunny recording sheet. My kiddos love playing SCOOT...so hoping to put this to use as well.


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