One Day Bonus Sale at TpT (and before and after classroom pics)

Sorry to come right back with a post about another sale, but I don't want any teacher to miss it if you need something from TpT. I've been a little absent with FlapJack, but with good reason. This was my classroom three days ago on Friday morning.

We found out last minute that my partner teacher and I were finally getting new carpet. Which was awesome news. But that also meant taking down everything and putting it all back up again this weekend before students came on Monday. Somehow, by Sunday night, the job was finally done.

I hope to share some more pics once I've survived this first week of school! In the meantime, I definitely need to get those wishlist items purchased while this TpT sale is on. Here's what I have to offer at my store. Be sure to use code MORE15. Thanks for stopping by!

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