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Hey, ya'll! I've been meaning to share this idea for a year now, so I'm finally checking it off my list!

Last year, my 4th grade team was trying to figure out the smoothest way for children to take turns using the bathroom, and my fabulous partner teacher suggested the idea of using hand sanitizer bottles as place holders for students while they're in the bathroom.

Here's how it works:

  • Each class has two hand sanitizer bottles in a basket  - one for girls and one for boys.
  • When a child needs to go to the bathroom, they check to see if a bottle is available. If it is, they place it on the table where they are sitting and go to the bathroom without having to ask for permission (which helps makes sure we as teachers can finish our meal while monitoring. You know how that goes. :P)
  • When they return, they use some of the sanitizer and then place it back in the basket or hand it to a student who wants to go.
It's great because this system makes sure you only have one boy and one girl in the bathroom at all times. Obviously, if a student has an emergency and can't wait, they let us know. This idea also works great in the classroom.

Free Hand Sanitizer Labels

How to label your bottles:

  1. Download this free template at my TpT store.
  2. Print as many labels as you need, preferrably on whole sheet sticker paper. (If you don't have that, just print on regular printing paper.) I use two labels per bottle for the front and back.
  3. Cut the labels and place them carefully on the front and back of each bottle. Use glue if you didn't printer on sticker paper.
  4. Use clear packaging tape to cover each label. It took me two short strips to cover each label. This might seem tedious but the bottle will last for more than a year if it has packaging tape covering the labels.
  5. Whenever the bottles run out of gel, a lunch helper pumps in more sanitizer from a large, economy size bottle.
Free Hand Sanitizer Labels

And you're ready to go! I love this tool for managing bathroom turns at lunch. Got any cool tips to share??

Hope you're having a great year!

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