Addition Pumpkin Poke Freebie and Multiplication Pumpkin Patch Giveaway!

Happy Fall, Ya'll! I am actually very close to the crazy flooding going on in South Carolina, so I'm off work today and tomorrow, and I'm doing a little fall FlapJack cleaning. I found a cool picture of my Pumpkin Poke Addition Facts Freebie by Lesson in Homeschooling, so I just wanted to get the word out about this resource if you haven't heard of it before.

Basically, once you do the grunt work of cutting them out, hole-punching the pumpkins, and circling the answers, students have a self-checking addition facts math center that will last for years to come (At least in my classroom they have lasted quite a while.).

(Pumpkin cupcake picks not included. :P)
If you'd like to know more about poke cards, click here.

If you'd like to download this freebie now, click here.

If you'd like to win a digital copy of my Multiplication Pumpkin Patch resource (as seen in the pic below), just comment and/or tag a friend at this Facebook post. Ends October 6th, 2015 at midnight!

 Multiplication Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Have a great week!

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