FlapJack Sale and Time to Tickle Some Turkeys (FREE!)

If you have any Smart Board games, poke cards, QR code task cards, lapbooks, classroom decor packs or any other FlapJack resource in your wishlist, you can have it now at 10% off! Sale ends November 1st!


Every November my students and I have loads of fun with this FREE Smart Board game involving decimals and tickling turkeys! Don't have a Smart Board? Use the site Smart Notebook Express to play.


And if you teach little ones, here's a fun turkey-tickling Smart Board game for you, too!


Looking for a way to add fun to your writing during the month of November? Try these QR code writing prompts that come in different forms (QR code squares, task cards, and writing paper). This year I enjoy placing the task cards around the walls of my classroom. Every week, student choose a different card to scan and write about. They love it! (Spanish available, too.)

Happy Halloween!

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