How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper (a kid-friendly tutorial)

Hey, ya'll! Well, it's almost time for Thanksgiving break, which means it's almost time for Colonial Day in 4th grade at my school. Which means I will teach 6 groups of students how to basket weave with construction paper.

How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper

Now this is a great activity, but I do not do well with having to repeat the same activity and instructions 6+ times in one day - who does?? So I created a tutorial video to show the students as we work on their mats. I think there will be a lot fewer errors, and I will not be so exhausted on the last day before Thanksgiving break - win-win!

All you need is a 12 in. by 18 in. pack of construction paper. One color will be the base for the mat and the other colors with need to be cut in 1 in. by 12 in. strips. It's all in the video, but if you need a quick craftivity for Thanksgiving Day or teaching patterns, just set up the construction paper with scissors and glue, play this video, and you and your kiddos are set!

Happy Thanksgiving!

How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper

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