Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates When You...

...fill out a short survey and subscribe to FlapJack. For those who like things quick without the back story, click here to fill out a short survey and receive these templates free.

Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates

Now, here's the story behind these FREE editable lapbook and interactive notebook templates:

Here at FlapJack I've realized my resources are ALL over the map. I started out making lapbooks, but now almost everything I create has something to do with technology. The first half of my teaching career was in a kindergarten classroom. Now I'm on year six of teaching 4th graders math and science in a Spanish immersion setting.

My resources reflect all of this which is good and bad. Good because I feel I have more to offer than if I had stayed in the kindergarten classroom my whole career. Bad because it's hard for people to find exactly what they need at my blog or at my store because there is just SO much that covers a wide range of skills and grade levels.

So, I really want to change that and I want to provide teachers with specific value for what they teach in the classroom. In order to that, I've created a survey (I know, surveys = yuck). But hopefully this way I can fill my newsletter emails with freebies and tips that you need instead of a hodgepodge of resources that may or may not pertain to your role in the classroom.

In order to motivate you to complete this very short survey because, believe me, I myself need major motivation to fill out any sort of survey, I've created eight FREE editable templates that you can use to create lapbooks and entries for your interactive notebooks.

Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates

You can even have your own students create lapbooks using the templates. Here are some of our organism lapbooks my students made by completing the templates on the computer and then printing and putting them together in a physical file folder.

Here's an overview of the eight lapbook templates you will receive after filling out the survey.

Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates

So, if you haven't yet clicked on one of the links in this post, go ahead and click on this one. In just a quick minute, you will have these easy-to-edit templates and be able to create something tailor-made for your classroom needs. I hope you enjoy them and they make your lesson just a little bit better. :)

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  1. This is great! I love flip books and use them all the time.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas,

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