TpT Sale and Two New Resources!

Hey, ya'll! I'm so excited about the TpT sale! Seems like it would NEVER come! Here are the two latest resources you may or may not be interest in:

The QR Code math printables are out for March!

And my latest labor of love has been some FUN editable PowerPoint templates for morning word or instruction/lesson delivery:

FUN Editable PowerPoint Templates Pack

FUN Editable PowerPoint Templates Pack

FUN Editable PowerPoint Templates Pack

And if there are several items of interest you have from my store, be sure to check out my Pinterest account that organizes all of my bundles in one spot. Oh and the promo code is HEROES!

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Self-Checking Bottle Cap Centers

 Hey, ya'll! It's Bright Ideas Blog Hop time! :) I'm going to share with you a fun and easy-to-make center that your students will love.

It all started with my obsession a few years back with "going green." Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of steam with this issue, but for awhile there, I tried to reuse anything and everything in my classroom. One way I did that was with bottle cap lids.

I created problems on the outside of the lids...

 And answers on the inside.

If you'd like to see how it works in action, please watch my latest Youtube video:


Self-Checking Bottle Cap Centers

If you've already got the gist of it, ask students to bring in caps so you can go ahead and get started on your own bottle cap learning center. It's a perfect idea to reinforce being green and to celebrate Earth Day in April!


Thank you so much for being here! If you enjoyed this Bright Idea, please connect with me at my TpT store, Facebook, and YouTube for more. :)

For more Bright Ideas from a ton of teacher bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade that interests you. Thanks for your visit! Have a great year!

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Student-Created QR Code Math Posters Tutorial

Hey, ya'll! We've been working on long division, so we decided to incorporate a little bit of technology and creativity with it. I actually did this last year with multiplication, and you can check that post out here.

Rough Draft

1) To start off with, I placed students in groups of three. I then assigned them either a "How many can you...?" or "How many do you need?" question format problem for division word problems. Basically, I was trying to have students think about what to do with remainders in division word problems. This is not easy for my students, and it was even harder for them to invent problems with these type of questions. But we managed.

2) They wrote in both languages (English and Spanish), and then I edited them. Amazingly, despite my edits, some of them still managed to have some major errors in both languages! And that is why I am not a language teacher, I guess!

QR Code Answer

* Last year I had students use my computer to create QR codes. You can see the instructions here. However, this year we used the four iPads I have in my classroom. It takes about two seconds to create QR codes, so even with one device, you can make it work.

* Before students used the iPads, I went to Safari and searched for this website called QR Code Generator.

 * I saved it to the home screen.

 * Students then went to that icon on the home screen.

* They typed their answer in the text box.

* They clicked on the orange Save button which opened it in another tab.

* They pressed on the QR code image until a Save Image option appeared. (If this way of creating a QR code seems too complicated, you can try an actual app, such as Qrafter or QR Code Maker. I just like this method because I don't have to worry about downloading anything from iTunes.)

* Once in the camera roll, they used WebDav to upload it to a folder on one of my drives at school. However, you can use an app such as Dropbox, Drive (Gmail), or Transfer. You can also email the images, but that is more of a pain.

* And when they saved it to my folder, they made sure to put their names. This is very important for identifying the QR codes.


* Students then created their posters based on the theme of their word problems. I gave them very little to work with but pieces of construction paper and magazines. Kids are crazy creative (which of course you already know), so it worked fine. The typos, though! (I'd better hush. I'm sure you've spotted 10 typos in this post already!)

 * The only work I had to do was drag the QR codes into PowerPoint and make sure to write the names of the students under their QR codes in text boxes. Since they worked in groups of three, there were only about 13 QR codes I had to insert.

* I printed them out, cut them, and gave them to their owners who then pasted them in a special place they created on their posters. (Make sure they use glue and don't tape on top of the QR code. It most likely won't scan.)  

Now what?

For now, I've stapled them around the walls of our classroom. During morning work, students are "working the room" and solving their peers' problems. This is great because students love to find the mistakes of others. So far, it appears all the answers are correct (much to their disappointment)!

I may do a bulletin board display like I did with the multiplication posters last year. I haven't decided. But it's nice for the kids to see other's work in the classroom for now.

Now that my kids are QR code creating pros, I'm sure we will do this again on another math skill before the end of the year.

Thanks for stopping by the FlapJack blog! If you'd like to read more about QR codes in the classroom, please check out my QR Code Classroom Craze page!

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LOVE OUR TEACHERS Giveaway Boxes with Sheila Jane Teaching!

FlapJack Sheila Jane Giveaway

I'm so happy to be partnering up with Sheila Jane, the most amazing YouTube teacher out there! We decided to get together for the day of love to give away two boxes of awesome to some of the people we love the most - teachers!

Before you watch the video to see what's included and enter the giveaway, please be aware of the following:

1) You must be a teacher to win! Sorry, but we love our teachers!
2) You need to be a US resident. We're teachers, too, and shipping out of the US is just too expensive.
2) There will be two winners: One will receive Sheila's box and one will receive mine. I do have an extra notepad (from Blair Turner's Paper Shop) and earrings (from Jamie Riggs' TpT store) so we might have a runner-up for that.

Ok! Click on the image or here to see what's in my giveaway box and then click here to watch Sheila Jane's video about her giveaway box! Contest ends Wednesday night (February 18th) at midnight EST.

FlapJack Sheila Jane Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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QR Code Behavior Coupons YouTube Video & Freebie

If you follow my blog at all, you might know that I have created QR code reward coupons for my students and we absolutely love using them. It's been way too long since I last made a YouTube video, so I finally did last night to explain and show how easy it is to implement these coupons in your classroom and find a whole new wave of motivation for your students before spring fever hits! Click on the video to see how they work!

QR Code Reward Behavior Coupons Freebie

English Version
Spanish Version

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100 Years Old SPANISH Writing Freebie

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

Hey, ya'll!

We celebrated the 100th day last week, so I thought I would share two activities we did. We actually had more going on, but I have just been so lazy with my camera. I'll have to do better next year! Well, we did make towers out of 100 cups. I do have a picture here to show you.

Ok, so first we did the AgingBooth writing prompt that I first heard about from Jennifer at Runde's Room. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's an app that ages your photo and makes you look really old!

 100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

I wish I could show you my students' pictures! They were hilarious!

So, here's how we did this activity:

1) I downloaded the app AgingBooth onto my phone.
2) Students came one by one and created their aging picture using the app. (I added hand sanitizer first!) And that's an iPod, not my phone.

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie
3) I uploaded the pictures using the Photo Transfer app, but you could use DropBox, Google Drive, even email, but that takes sooo long.
4) I opened a PowerPoint writing template I created and duplicated enough slides for all 38 of my students. 

  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie

5) I inserted the students pics onto the frames and then printed out the templates.
6) During this process, students worked on their rough drafts. They thought about the following questions:
  • How have you changed physically?
  • How many children, grandchildren, etc. do you have?
  • What did you accomplish in 100 years?
  • Where do you live?
  • How has the world changed?
  • What new technology is around?
  • What are you doing now?
7) After revising, the students copied their writings onto the templates and then mounted them onto construction paper.
8) To top off our wall display, I printed out some block letters for a sign and had the students color them however they wanted to.
9) I later took a group of boys who were under my care and they put up everything! They did all the stapling, taping, and I just helped a little bit with alignment. They were super proud and I was, too.
  100 Years Old Spanish Writing Freebie
If you'd like the letters and template, it's free here at my TpT store.
A second activity was a 100 Words Mini Book. My students need a lot of work with basic Spanish vocabulary since they are exposed so much to only academic vocabulary.
Each page of the book had a different category. Students wrote 10 words in each category frame. Once they were finished, they had a book filled with 100 Spanish words.

100 Spanish Words Mini Book
I have this available in Spanish and English at TpT.
My Book of 100 Words

So what do you do for the 100th day? Do you have a successful activity that you plan on using every year? Let me know!

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Valentine's Day Cards Freebie in Spanish and English

 Valentine's Day Cards Freebie in Spanish and English

Hey, ya'll! If you read a recent post, I made a fun little trip to Party City with my mother-in-law who's in town from Argentina. While there, I picked up the CUTEST erasers for Valentine's Day. They're plump and round and fat and adorable.

Valentine's Day Cards Freebie in Spanish and English

I created some cards with the phrase, "You have a special place in our hearts that never be erased," and left a small space to hot-glue the erasers onto the cards. Here's how they turned out:

 Valentine's Day Cards Freebie in Spanish and English

 Valentine's Day Cards Freebie in Spanish and English

Valentine's Day Cards Freebie in Spanish and English

 Valentine's Day Cards Freebie in Spanish and English

Click any of the photos to download the cards. They come in first person singular and first person plural. (And also English and Spanish!)

Stay tuned! I hope to update my Valentine's freebies post very soon!

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