Make Test Prep Fun with QR Codes - Guest Post by Amber of Teachering

Hello, teachers! So happy to share this fantastic post on making test prep fun with QR codes by the amazing Amber of Teachering! This idea and freebie has me so pumped for prep test time and I can't wait to share with my grade level.


Oh boy…it’s almost testing time again! Before you run off to cover your bulletin boards and sharpen a gazillion #2 pencils, let’s chat test taking tips. You know, those tips and strategies that aren’t in the curriculum but can make or break a student’s performance on the end of year test. Important things to remember like…


Pace yourself.

 Sometimes going over these testing strategies can be less than exciting, and it seems so far removed from the rest of our subjects, so I came up with some task cards that review testing tips while also challenging students to practice their inferencing skills, and I made it FREE (because we all deserve a break around testing time).

Test Taking Tips Task Cards with QR codes

My students love to move, so I tape the cards around the edges of the room. I even hide one or two behind a door or under a table to really get them into the hunt. They know generally where to look, since I place them in number order (Ex. If #8 is in front of me, and #10 is the next card I see, #9 must be somewhere between them). In pairs or individually, students set out with their answer documents. The students don’t need me for this activity, so I use it as an independent test prep center while I lead a guided reading group.

Free task cards for test prep
Student Answer Document

When they arrive at a card, they read carefully and infer which test taking tip is being described. They jot down their answer, and move to the next card.

test taking task cards free
Task Cards with QR Codes
After students have visited all of the cards, they grab an iPad to check themselves by scanning the QR codes. They LOVE this part! I adore QR codes for self-checking activities, because students get instant feedback without me needing to be right next to them. The scanned QR codes link students to goofy animals showcasing the correct answers (test prep can be fun AND effective, right?).

Test prep for GA Milestones
Student Answer Document

Test prep for EOG Test

If the students realize they've made a mistake, they circle the number and check to see where they went wrong with their inference. I have them turn in their “graded” answer documents to get a general sense of who has mastered inferencing and understands the testing skills covered, and who may need more work. We’ll also have a group discussion about testing strategies after everyone has completed the task card activity. Simple as that, students have reviewed test taking skills for the end of the year assessment.

These FREE test prep task cards with QR codes are just one set of a whole year’s worth of task cards that I’ve created for my 4th grade students, so if this activity is up your alley, I’d love if you’d check out my TPT shop, Teachering!

 I wish your students the best of luck on your End of Grade (EOG) tests. I’m sure they’ll do amazingly well, because they have an awesome teacher that’s reading up on fun test prep ideas! To my fellow GA teachers, rock the Georgia Milestones!

Happy Teachering!


P.S. If you’re looking for more ideas for teaching test taking strategies, I’ve created a test prep video and posted it on my Teachering Facebook Page. Be warned: Students at my school now repeat it throughout the day, so if you use it, be ready to hear it ALL. THE. TIME!


Thank you, Amber!

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