Hollywood Class Decor Pack

Hey, ya'll! It's nearing the end of school for me, so it's about the time where I look at requests I've been given for new class decor packs. A Hollywood theme has been the most asked for, so I finally got it together over these past two weeks. Here's a sneak peek at what's inside this huge resource of Hollywood-themed class materials.

Hollywood Classroom Theme Decor Pack

Hollywood Classroom Theme Decor Pack

Hollywood Classroom Theme Decor Pack

Hollywood Classroom Theme Decor Pack

Hollywood Classroom Theme Decor Pack

Pack includes the following materials:

* Manuscript Alphabet Posters 8.5" x 11"
* Birthday Display and Calendar
* Two Bulletin Board Sets
* 5 Sets of 1-31 Calendar Squares (2.5")
* Small Circle Numbers 0-35
* Classroom Materials Packet containing ink-friendly and not ink-friendly binder covers (classroom  management, data notebook, substitute folder, planning, to grade, to copy, to laminate, student information, grade book, absent student folder) and class signs (schedule, procedure, standards, objectives, goals, essential question, math centers, reading groups, daily rotations)
* Color Cards (two to a page)
* Cursive Posters (8.5" x 11")
* Days of the Week Labels
* Months of the Year Labels
* Grouping Cards
* Hall Passes
* Class Jobs Display
* Name Plates or Labels (5 small designs, 5 large designs, 5 primary designs)
* Color and Black and White Newsletter (editable PPT version provided)
* Number Posters 0-20 (8.5" x 11")
* Reward Coupons
* Student Binder Covers (math, science, reading, writing, social studies, data binder, homework)
* 5 Designs of Student Postcards to brighten their day all year long
* Tables Circles 1-12
* Blank Teacher Calendar
* Welcome Bunting Triangles Display
* PowerPoint Morning Work Templates

Hollywood Classroom Theme Decor Pack

 PDF Templates Included:

* 1 Large Circle Template
* 1 Square Template
* 2 Large Circles Template
* 2 Triangles Template
* 2 Vertical Frames Template
* 4 Circles Template
* 4 Rectangle Labels Template
* 9 Rectangle Labels Template
* 12 Circles Templates
* 12 Rectangle Labels Template
* Birthday Display Templates
* Bookmark Templates
* Bulletin Board Set Templates
* Calendar Squares Templates
* Classroom Management Packet Templates
* Grouping Cards Templates
* Header Templates
* Horizontal Frame Template
* Jobs Display Template
* Post Cards Templates
* Student Binder Covers Templates
* Vertical Frame II Templates
* Vertical Frame Template
* 6 Rectangle Horizontal Labels

Also, images to insert into PowerPoint for editing and creating labels are included. Instructions are provided to help you customize my templates for your personal classroom needs! Almost all of the above items can be customized if you know how to insert images and text boxes in PowerPoint. A tutorial video is provided.

If you're interested, click here or on the image below!

 Hollywood Classroom Theme Decor Pack

You can check out all my class decor themes here.

Classroom Theme Decor Packs

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FlapJack Class Decor LIFETIME License Giveaway

FlapJack Class Decor Lifetime License

 Hey, ya'll! I know some of the super-together-planner teachers are already working on next year, so I wanted to share my latest resource - it is all of my class decor packs (and all future packs) compiled into one big lifetime bundle! So far that's 18 different designs of class decorating fun!

This lifetime license allows for one classroom use per pack. So, do you have 17 teacher friends? This could be a great deal and a cool gift idea for the beginning of the year. And in the future, when I add a new pack, you will receive notification and be able to grab the new pack, too.

How many themes do I plan on doing? I have no idea, but I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! This is what I have on the agenda for this summer - I will for sure do a Hollywood, Boho Birds, Sports, and Technology theme. I would like to also get to a Penguins, Dogs, Farm Animals, Camping, and a new Owl Design.

So of course I have to give one away! This is a $177 value. Contest will end Friday, May 15th at midnight EST. ¡Buena suerte!

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All My QR Code Secrets!

Hey, ya'll! I'm so happy to be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with a bunch of amazing teacher bloggers and also sharing some special top secret teacher tips!
Well my three teacher secrets are all about QR codes which are no longer a secret in the classroom but I still want to share with you how much I love using them. QR codes are like my teacher assistant because I rely on them daily for so much. (If you're completely unfamiliar with QR codes, check out this post that will give you lots of tips and information on using QR codes and how to use them.)

Beginning of the Year

At the beginning of the year, I use QR codes to create a class website magnet that my students can refer to all year long. My class website is vital to my year going smooth and you can check out how it works at the Inspired Owls Corner blog post. By creating a QR code magnet, I am able to make sure my students have access to the website at home on their devices, too. Here's a post on how you can create your own QR code class website card, too.


During The Year

During the year, we use QR codes for so very many things, but the biggest way is definitely with QR code task cards. Having a way for students to check their own work and be more independent learners is really priceless. And QR codes do just that.

The main activity we do with QR code task cards is "Solving the Room." I purchased a bunch of Stikki Clips and placed them around the walls of my classroom.

They're a little pricey at Amazon. Let me know if you find them somewhere cheaper!

Then I stick a set of cards in the clips around the classroom in number order.

Students work with a partner (I'm not 1 to 1 yet. I have 8 iPods I purchased on Ebay with TpT money and 2 iPad minis I received through DonorsChoose.). They go to any problem on the wall and begin solving it. Of course you can use recording sheets, but I have my students use spiral notebooks. That way it stays all together and I don't have to make copies all the time.

After they solve a problem, they scan the answer QR code. If they're correct, they place a check mark (or they can stamp it if they find that more engaging).

If they're incorrect, they leave it blank and try to see what went wrong. If they have two or more incorrect in a row, I tell them to stop and come see me so we can fix the issue before they do all 24 problems incorrectly.

This is my primary source for independent work. Being able to move as they work keeps the blood moving and gives them a nice little break in between problems. I have actually gone a little crazy with QR code task cards and I have created over 1,200 task cards for 4th grade math skills alone.

4th Grade QR Code Task Cards Mega Bundle

If you're interested in making your own QR code task cards, here's a freebie editable resource that already has the QR codes created for you. All you have to do is supply the questions!

Editable QR Code Task Cards

End of the Year

At the end of the year, I have used QR codes in several different ways. First of all, you can dump all of the QR code task cards you have in a pile and use them for testing review. This year, I've given my students a recording sheet and had them solve two problems from a different set of cards until they had filled up all of the 24 boxes in the recording sheet.

I also have created a code that when scanned, shows all of the videos I have made of the students throughout the year. You can see all the details on how to do that here.


I then took that code and created business cards with them so students can watch the videos even after school had ended. You can check out that post here.


So those are a few of my QR code teacher "secrets." Now it's time for you to scroll down and learn some more teacher secrets from a fellow blogger! :)

You Are Appreciated Teacher Giveaway!

Hey, ya'll! I'm so happy to be teaming up with a bunch of super upper-elementary teacher bloggers to show appreciated for all teachers everywhere and to celebrate with an awesome giveaway!


We each have our own fabulous giveaway for you to enter that consists of:

1) $25 TpT gift certificate which comes at a perfect timing for the upcoming TpT sale on May 5th and 5th
2) $25 care package of products and goodies!

Here's what you'll find in my teacher care package if you win:

You'll find a $25 TpT Gift Certificate of course and also:


Geometry Monsters PowerPoint Game - This focuses on 4th grade geometry skills and works on any desktop or interactive whiteboard (if you have PPT software).

It's a part of my 4th Grade Math PowerPoint Games Bundle.


Long Division QR Code Task Cards and Stampers - Here's a math station that's ready to go! On notebook paper, students solve the division problems, scan the QR code with a scan app on a smartphone, iPod, or tablet, and then stamp the problem if they're correct. If not, no stamp.

The set is a part of my 4th Grade QR Code Math Cards Mega Bundle.



US Measurement Length Conversion Poke Cards and Peg Basketball Game - Students can play with 2-4 players. They choose a card and "poke" it with their peg in the correct answer hole. They have the opposing team check. If they're correct the roll the dice and advance according to the direction on the board. If they're incorrect, they lose their turn. The first to make 21 points wins! (You can find these peg games for $1 in the toy section of Dollar Tree.)

This set is a part of my 4th Grade Math Poke Cards Bundle.


And lastly, a few girlie things with a teal, black, and white color scheme. The earrings you see are by Jamie of Miss Math Dork. She has lots of adorable teacher options to choose from.

Now enter this giveaway before it's already over (May 5th at midnight EST), and be sure to enter all the other fabulous giveaways down below (just two entries required for each giveaway!).

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May Featured Resources Giveaway!


Hey, ya'll! I just switched out my featured resources at my TpT store, so I thought it might be a fun idea to do a giveaway of the four resources. You can check them out closer here.

The value is $26 (if you don't include the already discounted price on the PowerPoint Game Bundle), and there will be 3 winners. I am especially excited about giving away the PowerPoint Math Games because I just added 5 new games that my students are enjoying so much and I know yours will, too!

The contest ends May 3rd at midnight. Good luck!
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Classroom Decor Pack Giveaway!


Me, too! And as I start thinking about adding more designs to my classroom decor collection, I'd love to know what very awesome theme you think I'm missing! (You can see all of them here.)

So, if you will 1) just comment on this blog post with a cool design you think I should create and 2) enter the Rafflecopter below, I'll pick 3 winners to choose whichever decor pack they would like to go ahead and start planning their classroom for next year.

As teachers, we can never be too prepared! Thanks for entering! Ends Tuesday, April 15th, at midnight EST!

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Remind App Classroom Ideas

Remind App Classroom Ideas
Have you used the Remind app yet in your classroom? I was hesitant, but now I WILL NEVER GO BACK! Being able to keep parents informed and schedule texts all through an app on my phone has made a world of difference for me this year with parent communication. Using the Remind app along with my Smart Class Website this year has eliminated almost all email questions from parents about homework, tests, and school events. I'm totally serious!

So, I posted a video recently to share with you some ways I use the Remind app to keep my parents up-to-date with classroom happenings. You can watch it here.

Remind App Classroom Ideas

Previously, you could not do two-way communication with parents on Remind. Now you can! Buuuut, you can keep your settings where only you can initiate conversations with parents and not vice versa. I will definitely be trying that feature out next year!

How do you use Remind in your classroom???

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Spring Fraction Ideas

Hey, ya'll! I love spring and it's a great time to add in some fun activities to get students moving. Here is what my students are doing to review fractions before spring break.

Fractions of Whole Numbers Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, you can do this with any type of review questions, but for my students, I made up fractions of whole number problems.

Here's What I Did:

1) I wrote problems on strips of index cards and numbered them.

2) I numbered 24 eggs with a Sharpie marker and covered that with tape so it won't wipe off.
3) I created an answer key (fun! :P).
4) I hid the eggs in easy-to-spot places around the classroom (outside would be much more fun).

Here's What Students Did:

1) Students wrote 1-24 in their recording notebooks. If you are a recording sheet type of teacher, you can download a free copy of this bunny recording sheet that will work with any set of 24 problems. (Spanish version included!)


2) Then of course they went around searching for eggs and solving them in their notebooks.

Afterwards, they checked with a friend and went back and looked at any problems that they had different answers to.
3) Then we checked the problems as a whole group.

If you'd liked an even easier, no-prep way of doing this math egg hunt, check out the following post.


Next up...

What I Did:

1) I bought 6 baskets, some grass, and two packets of plastic eggs that each had 6 pairs of differently-colored eggs (giving me 4 eggs of each color in total with six different colors of eggs).
2) Then I wrote fractions on each of the eggs with a Sharpie.

I made sure to do different types of fractions. Some had denominators of 10 and 100 to compare. Some all had the same numerator. Some all had the same denominator, and so on.

3) I hid the eggs in visible places.

What Students Did:

1) Students were divided up into six teams and given a specific color look for along with a basket.
2) Once I gave them the signal, they searched for their four eggs and then placed them in order from least to greatest.

3) I checked to see if they were correct.
4) Students then hid their eggs in easy-to-find spots and waited for the next round.
5) Students were assigned a new color and began the hunt again.

Last up...

What I Did:

1) I found these fun rabbit headbands last year at Dollar General, but they only had 12. So I bought these foam glitter shapes and some headbands and made 12 more.

We'll see how long this lasts, right?? I'll be adding hot glue next year.
2) On the rabbit headbands, I wrote fractions that needed to be simplified on each ear.

2) On the spring headbands, I wrote a simplified fraction.

3) You only need enough for each student in your class.

What Students Did:

1) Students placed a headband on their head.
2) They wrote 1-20 (for the number of students in the class) in their recording journals. This is when the bunny sheet would come in handy again.
3) They found a friend. If the friend was wearing a bunny headband, they simplified all 4 fractions. If the friend was wearing a flower headband, they wrote 4 equivalent friends.
4) They continued finding other friends and solving problems until they had completed all 20 simplifying and equivalent fraction problems.

We had a lot of fun, and I hope these ideas inspire you to have a little spring fun, too, in your classroom. These are all great activities for bringing the classroom outside, also. And you can cover many different skills with these ideas, not just fractions.

What easy and fun ideas do you have to share with me for fun spring learning? I love to add new ones to my list!

Happy Spring!

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