5 For Friday - Fall Math Centers


So for this 5 for Fri, I'm going to share some fun fall activities I place in my math stations/centers.



Poke cards work like Hot Dots, but they are lots cheaper. You hole-punch the answer options, find some cute seasonal cupcake picks, and you're read to go!

Well, you also need to circle the right answer on the back to make it self-checking. A little more prep work is involved compared to Hot Dots.



This is not fall-related, but pizza is great at any season. Students use a timer and see how many Place Value Pizza cards they can get right in one minute.



I placed these Funny Fall task cards around the walls of our portable and had students "Write The Room." This active math keeps their little brains energized and ready to work!



It's always nice to place a simple game in centers that you don't have to explain. This set of multiplication fact bingo cards can be found in my Multiplication Pumpkin Patch resource.


Here's another non-fallish resource that I have to share. I found these Jenga multiplication facts stickers from Rachely Lynette at least 3 years ago, and as you can see, I'm refusing to replace them. My students love these, but they know I better hear products being called out while they're building the tower.


Here's a game that's really too easy for my 4th graders, but it's still great addition review. Sunny Days in Second Grade's Boo Bump Addition freebie always makes this season fun and festive in my math centers. She also has a multiplication version which I need to print out ASAP.

Ok, this is neither fall nor math related, but I'm just so proud of my students' 30hands weather projects. I still have some management bumps to smooth out, but I hope to share soon how your students can create cumulative projects that they can place on a Padlet wall. With all of the projects together, it's easy to present and use as a refresher all throughout the year. Click here or on the image to watch my kiddos share in their second language.


I hope you all had a great week! Please have a great weekend!

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New Blog Design: Smencils Giveaway Celebration!

I've been saving these three sets 80 Smencils and 30 Smens for a very special occasion which is...my new, fabulous blog design made by the incredible Michelle of The 3AM Teacher! Do you like it? I feel like it's so totally me. It makes me happy looking at all of the little details Michelle put in.

So, now for the giveaway. I have a big box of over $150 worth of Smencils to give to one teacher. If you would like a chance to win this box, just enter the Rafflecopter below! Ends Saturday night at midnight (October 25th). Thanks for entering! ¡Buena suerte!
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FLASH SALE! FlapJack Fall Featured Resources are 50% OFF!

FLASH SALE! Grab my fall featured resources for 50% OFF for a very limited time!


Things I Love Most About These Resources:


The Turkey Time and Multiplication Pumpkin Patch resources have lots of fun center games and also a B&W reader that is a great independent or whole-group activity. And they come in Spanish, too!

The Funny Fall task cards make mundane addition and subtraction practice engaging with the self-checking QR codes and the funny fall graphics.

The HOWLoween poke cards are perfect for helping your kiddos master their facts in a different, fun way. And the little owls are perfect for celebrating the month of October.

Check 'em out before my featured resources bar changes!

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Bright Ideas: Dry-Erase Interactive Notebooks

It's Bright Ideas time!

We were working on place value earlier this month, and I was looking for an easy way to have students practice representing numbers (expanded form, words, etc.), so I started shopping for adhesive vinyl remnants for students to paste into their interactive notebooks.

I love sticking adhesive vinyl all over surfaces in my classroom for students to show their work, so I decided to try it out in their interactive notebooks. However, I had trouble finding vinyl scraps at a decent price, so I decided to go with duct tape.

With my first class I let them measure their strips, cut the strips, and stick them into their notebooks. This turned out a little messy, so for my second class, I went ahead and cut the strips and hung them from counters. I called students by tables to grab a piece.

So for about a week, we used our duct tape pages to practice writing numbers every day. The students really enjoyed it. I discovered the blue works better than red for erasing and contrasting with marker colors.

We also tried it later when practicing rounding.

I still want to experiment with other tapes, but overall it was a lot of fun and we can always flip back to these pages later in the year to revisit and practice these skills.

Sooooo....that's it! If you enjoyed this Bright Idea, please connect with me at Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more. :)

For more Bright Ideas from a ton of teacher bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade that interests you. Thanks for your visit!

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5 For Friday - Lapbook Display

Happy Friday!

All About Me Lapbook

So after about a month, I finally was able to post some of my students "All About Me Lapbooks." They turned out pretty cute!

All About Me Lapbook

All About Me Lapbook

All About Me Lapbook

You can find this at my TpT store in English or Spanish.

We're working on the weather cycle, so we pulled out the mini water cycle ziplock bag activity. Instead of having every child do a sandwich or quart-sized bag, every table actually worked on a gallon-sized bag together. By taking turns by calling the students' colors, it actually worked really well as a collaborative active (See how table colors work in this Bright Ideas post). And the gallon-sized bags worked a lot better at showing all of the parts and the condensation.

We had fun practicing our patterns and in and out boxes with self-checking QR code task cards. You can find both English and Spanish versions at my TpT store.

Pet Patterns QR Code Task Cards

It's been the year of orugas (caterpillars) in our classroom, and one sweet student brought in a Luna moth caterpillar for us. The first day it wrapped itself up in a cute, little tamale! According to the internet, it will take all winter to make its transformation.

We've also been learning our clouds. We pulled out the shaving cream, and I learned that shaving cream is really hard to form into the shape of clouds. It ended up being a crazy mess but at least the room smelled good! We also used Expos to mark the height in miles of each type of cloud.


I LOVE Lita Lita's science bilingual flip books. They're great as individual activities or as inserts in interactive notebooks. Her Clouds Fold and Learn was a perfect addition to our cloud study.


I hope you all had a great week! Please have a great weekend!

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