Identifying Angles QR Code Math Game FREEBIE!

Identifying Angles QR Code Freebie

Hey, ya'll! Hope you've had a good weekend! I am so ready for the warm weather. And by warm, I mean at least in the upper 70's. This 50-degree weather is not cutting it!

Here is my latest QR code freebie from my April QR Code Printable pack. In this game, students will identify acute, obtuse, and right angles.

Identifying Angles QR Code Freebie

 I love these tic-tac-toe games because they help students review math skills in a repetitive, self-checking way. And only one scanning device is needed to make this game work.

Here's how it works:

Identifying Angles QR Code Freebie

Identifying Angles QR Code Freebie

To download this freebie, just click here! If you really enjoy this resource, be sure to check out the complete 4th Grade QR Code Printable Bundle!

4th Grade All Year Long QR Code Printables - Low Prep!

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Ten More or Less Smart Board Game FREEBIE

Hey, ya'll! I FINALLY finished my 1st Grade Math Smart Board Pack, so I wanted to share a fun, little resource from it. In this game, students will add and subtract multiples of 10 up until 90. They will also add ten more or less to numbers within 100. If they're correct, the car will zoom. If not, it will crash!

This game is self-checking, fun for girls AND boys, and comes complete with some cool sound effects. :) As stated earlier, this game is part of a pack of 15 first grade Smart Board games that review the majority of the common core standards in math.

If you'd like more of these games, you can find them here!

First Grade Smart Board Games

Be sure to check my Smart Board resources page for more freebies and games for all elementary grades!

Smart Board Freebis and Tips

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Smart (And Easy!) Sidebar Slideshow Tutorial For Your Blog

Easy Sidebar Slideshow Tutorial

Any of my blogger friends feel my pain when trying to keep your sidebar updated with resources/posts that involve images and links? I sure do! It's such a pain dealing with coding, uploading images to Photobucket, or adding links to inLinkz.

Recently I discovered the magic of embedding Google Slides to my class website. All I have to do is make changes to my Google Slide docs in my Gmail Drive account, and my website is automatically updated. That includes the weekly newsletter, daily homework, resources, calendar, everything.

I have become addicted to it lately and just the other day it occurred to me that I can use this same strategy to create a sidebar slideshow with my latest resources that is ridiculously easy to update. If this is something that interests you, I have a video tutorial right here for you. If you find it useful, please let me know! I'd love to see your "smart" sidebar slideshow!

Easy Sidebar Slideshow Tutorial

You can check out how my "Smart" Class Website here at my newest blog.

Are you a teacher author at TpT? Here's a playlist of some teacher author tip videos I've made. Click on the image to watch.

Teacher Author Tips

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Silly McGilly Classroom Ideas

Hey, ya'll! Have you heard of Silly McGilly? He's a lot like Elf on the Shelf, but you can actually TOUCH him (thank goodness!). He came to our classroom this year with a special book. My partner teacher read it to our class at the beginning of March and he stayed in her classroom since he doesn't speak Spanish. :P Two kids were chosen each day to keep Silly McGilly. At the end of the day, they placed him in the windowsill. And every morning, they were greeted by some kind of ridiculous mischief created by Silly McGilly.

Here are a few things he did in our classroom:

1) Turned all the books upside down except his own (not shown in pic).

2) My husband says this was totally inappropriate of "Silly McGilly." Well, I didn't have anything to do with it, so....

3) This trick was a major pain! It's actually really hard reading time upside down!

4) No tricks on this day. Silly McGilly just needed to relax.

5) Especially because his next trick was a big one - he "stached" all of the star student photos!

6) Then he went to the North Pole and kidnapped Snowflake! It seems he was jealous of all the attention Snowflake gets. He said he would only return her if the students found 17 gold coins he had hidden. They had to find them and sort them into mini black pots by matching equivalent fractions (did not take enough pics of this trick - sorry!)

7) The kids only found 16 coins. We thought it would be a dark day. But, Snowflake's kindness softened Silly McGilly's mischievous heart (a little bit). He returned Snowflake to the North Pole and brought back homework coupons for everyone.

8) Apparently, Silly McGilly caught a cold in the North Pole!

And apparently Silly McGilly sneezies smell like Aloe Vera.

9) His final trick was whipping up some of his famous juice and dressing up for St. Patty's.

Do you have a Silly McGilly?? If not, be sure to get one before next St. Patty's! If you do, what silliness has he conspired in your classroom??

I guess next up is a visit from the Easter bunny!

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Embedding Google Slides and Calendars in Your Class Website

Just wanted to share with you my most favorite and helpful tech addition to my classroom this year - my smart class website. I embedded Google Slides and a calendar into an Edublogs website in order to easily update my parents and students about our newsletter, homework, subject resources, websites, important dates, and more.

My partner teacher and I share the same Google Slides, so we can edit our newsletter and homework at the same time and it updates onto our website with no problem. It has been such a relief this year, and we have received so much positive feedback from our parents.

Smart Class Website

Now, I know a lot of you do not like to watch long-winded YouTube videos (especially not by someone with a crackly, southern accent :P), but it's really the only way to effectively show you how to do this yourself. If you are a little bit tech-savvy at all, you can do this, and I really think it will be super helpful to you.

My Edublogs website is set to private, so I've created a demo version for you to have fun with. You can update all my documents there, and even leave your signature for me!

Smart Class Website
 I also have a Blogger version. My husband has been getting into blog design and he made one for me. He's pretty awesome. :P

 My Smart Class Website
Please share with any teachers who you think could benefit from this (if you want to pin, pin that image down below!). I'm all about working smarter, not harder, and this website does that. Let me know what you think!

 My Smart Class Website

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Lucky You Blog Hop!

Hey, ya'll! I'm teaming up with a bunch of awesome 3-5th grade teacher authors to share some fun St. Patrick's Day freebies. So, if you teach upper elementary, this should be right up your alley!

We are also sharing why we feel lucky as a teacher and human being in general. I have so many reasons, but I'm just going to blurt out the first things that come to my mind:
  1. My husband. He is my travel buddy, my listening ear, my interior decorator, my comic relief, my everything.
  2. My dog. She's my best friend!
  3. My job and school. I work in the most positive atmosphere, have great students, and love what I do as a Spanish immersion content teacher.
  4. My partner teacher. She is 80% of why I love going to my job every day. She is my "figurative" wife, and I'm so lucky to have her!
  5. My country. Despite social/political disagreements all the time, I've visited many countries and I can wholeheartedly say, I'm SO lucky to have been born in 'Merica!
Ok! So now to share some golden math goodness! This freebie is two years old - wow! But I updated the cover and I want to make sure you knew about it. Here it is:

FlapJack Divisibility Rules Freebies

It's a great little set of 12 QR code task cards for 4th-5th graders to review divisibility rules. My 4th graders actually completed this today.

Here's how I went about it:

  • After a few lessons and a review about divisibility rules, I placed the cards around all the walls.
  • Students paired up and solved the problems. 
  • But they did NOT scan the QR codes. Which is crazy for me, but sometimes I like a little more accountability. 
  • After students finished, we put away pencils, took out pens, and checked them as a whole group to see how they did.
So I hope you can use this freebie. If you want to know more about QR codes, just head on over to my QR code page. You can also check out other FlapJack St. Patty's Day freebies here.

Now keep on hoppin'! I am so very HAPPY I get to introduce the next blogger in the hop (another reason I'm so lucky right now!). Her name is Marissa of Inspired Owl's Corner. She is as sweet as she is talented, and she actually wrote one of my most popular guest posts. So click here or on her blog button to check out her blog and freebie. Happy St. Patty's, teachers!

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Factor Rainbows FREEBIE & Bundle

Hey, guys!

We've been having some major fun with factor rainbows this past week! I love using factor rainbows because they really help students not miss any of the factors for a number which often happens if they only try to list factor pairs for a number.

Here's a worksheet freebie in English and Spanish for students to practice making factor rainbows. They can scan the QR code if you would like for them to self-check their answers.

 Factor Rainbows Worksheet Freebie

We also created a factor rainbow craftivity, played a Smart Board game, solved QR code task cards, and completed a self-checking mini book. You can all of this in my most recent YouTube video.

Factor Rainbows YouTube Video

Here is a link to the complete Factor Rainbow Activity Bundle.

 Factor Rainbows Activity Bundle

We're just making math more fun, one QR code at a time! :P Hope you enjoy the freebie!

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TpT Sale and Two New Resources!

Hey, ya'll! I'm so excited about the TpT sale! Seems like it would NEVER come! Here are the two latest resources you may or may not be interest in:

The QR Code math printables are out for March!

And my latest labor of love has been some FUN editable PowerPoint templates for morning word or instruction/lesson delivery:

FUN Editable PowerPoint Templates Pack

FUN Editable PowerPoint Templates Pack

FUN Editable PowerPoint Templates Pack

And if there are several items of interest you have from my store, be sure to check out my Pinterest account that organizes all of my bundles in one spot. Oh and the promo code is HEROES!

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