How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper (a kid-friendly tutorial)

Hey, ya'll! Well, it's almost time for Thanksgiving break, which means it's almost time for Colonial Day in 4th grade at my school. Which means I will teach 6 groups of students how to basket weave with construction paper.

How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper

Now this is a great activity, but I do not do well with having to repeat the same activity and instructions 6+ times in one day - who does?? So I created a tutorial video to show the students as we work on their mats. I think there will be a lot fewer errors, and I will not be so exhausted on the last day before Thanksgiving break - win-win!

All you need is a 12 in. by 18 in. pack of construction paper. One color will be the base for the mat and the other colors with need to be cut in 1 in. by 12 in. strips. It's all in the video, but if you need a quick craftivity for Thanksgiving Day or teaching patterns, just set up the construction paper with scissors and glue, play this video, and you and your kiddos are set!

Happy Thanksgiving!

How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper

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Classroom Learning With Jenga Blocks

So, Jenga blocks and I go way back. Ever since I came across Rachel Lynette's multiplication labels, I've been incorporating Jenga math fun on a regular basis (like with these self-checking QR code fraction labels).

FREE QR Code Fraction Jenga Labels

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus which I love, so I decided to have lots of fun with it while sharing with you how easy it is to create Jenga learning games, with or without labels. I have even had my students help create them!

Here's my setup for my fun, little Jenga blocks iPhone video shoot.

 Classroom Learning With Jenga Blocks

If you decide to purchase Jenga blocks on Amazon, please use my affiliate link, and thank you!


Here's the video on how I use Jenga in the classroom. Hope you find it useful and I hope you'll subscribe to my channel! Thanks for stopping by!

Classroom Learning With Jenga Blocks

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5th Grade Math Smart Board Games Pack (At Last!)

Hey, ya'll! This pack of 5th grade math Smart Board games has literally been years in the making. This 4th grade teacher brain had to work overtime for this set of games, and I'm really happy to finally have this resource available for you.

5th Grade Math Smart Board Game Pack

There are sixteen self-checking games provided that each follow the same format. It's very easy for students to learn how to play, and once they start playing these games, they will ask you all the time to play them! My students beg to play them (4th grade set), and I always have a group at the SmartBoard during indoor recess.

Here's a look at all sixteen games included. If you think your fifth grade students could use some extra math review, click here or on any of the images.

Add Subtract Decimals

Add Subtract Fractions with Different Denominators

Add Subtract Mixed Numbers

Coordinate Graphing

Divide Decimals

Line Plots

Measurement Unit Conversions

Multiply Divide Fractions

Multiply Decimals

Multiply Whole Numbers

Division with Two-Digit Divisors

Numerical Expressions


Whole Number and Decimal Place Value

Plane Shapes


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FREE Multiplication Facts Worksheet and November QR Code Printables Posted!

November QR Code Multiplication Facts Worksheet FREEBIE

Hey, ya'll! Just finished posting the 4th grade math QR code printables and games for the month of November! Please enjoy a sample freebie from the pack by clicking here or on the image above.

My students totally enjoy the combination of QR codes, dice, spinning wheels, Tic-Tac-Toe games, and coloring fun holiday-themed images found in my QR code Printable Monthly Bundles. Here are some pics from November's bundle.

  November QR Code Printables Pack

  November QR Code Printables Pack

  November QR Code Printables Pack

If interested in the full pack, just click here or on the image below. Happy November!

  November QR Code Printables Pack

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ChalkOla Markers In My Classroom (a fun review)

Using ChalkOla Markers in My Classroom

Hey, ya'll! I was contacted a little while ago by ChalkOla markers to do a review in exchange for using their wet wipe markers in my classroom. This sounded like too much fun, so I'll share how it went! (Or you can click on the video above and watch at my YT channel. P.S. I made the whole video straight from my iPhone 6. If you'd like me to share how I did that, let me know in the comments!)

First, I tried out the markers myself (of course!). I received two different sets - premium (normal-sized) and platinum (huge, mumbo-jumbo markers that are great for writing large messages).

Premium series

Platinum series
To first get the ink flowing, it's a little bit of a workout. You need to pump the tip up and down for about 30 seconds. You will see the ink slowly flow down the tip. Once the tip is completely covered, you're good to go!

You also need to shake it a bit like an aerosol can.

These chalk markers are great for any non-porous surface. We used dry-erase boards.

Once I had my fun with the markers, I set them up as a rotation during some science group rotations. When students arrived at the ChalkOla station, they worked together in groups of 2 or 3 to illustrate the water cycle.

Clean up was a little bit messy because you need to clean the surface with something wet. A dry rag is not enough. But for my 4th graders they handled it fine. I think any grade level above 2nd-3rd could handle the clean up fine.

I would not suggest an activity like the one we did that involves a LOT of coloring because the markers will dry out fairly soon (they're still doing okay after 6 rotations).

I plan to use the markers now with a student-created message board. Students will take turns illustrating a Spanish phrase we need to work on saying and spelling correctly. And if they can do it in cursive - even better!

This would also be a great idea for a math problem of the day, too. We might have to alternate between Spanish and math skills.

If you'd like your own set of ChalkOla markers, they gave me a discount code for you guys! It's CHALK20A. For US teachers, shop here, and UK teachers, shop here.

What would you use these markers for in your classroom???

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FlapJack Sale and Time to Tickle Some Turkeys (FREE!)

If you have any Smart Board games, poke cards, QR code task cards, lapbooks, classroom decor packs or any other FlapJack resource in your wishlist, you can have it now at 10% off! Sale ends November 1st!

Every November my students and I have loads of fun with this FREE Smart Board game involving decimals and tickling turkeys! Don't have a Smart Board? Use the site Smart Notebook Express to play.

And if you teach little ones, here's a fun turkey-tickling Smart Board game for you, too!

Looking for a way to add fun to your writing during the month of November? Try these QR code writing prompts that come in different forms (QR code squares, task cards, and writing paper). This year I enjoy placing the task cards around the walls of my classroom. Every week, student choose a different card to scan and write about. They love it! (Spanish available, too.)

Happy Halloween!

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