Fun Long Division Challenge Activity - Low Prep

My students are now Jedi-Masters when it comes to long division, and here's a fun activity we culminated with that is easy to prepare and fun to carry out. :)

What You Need:

1) Strips of butcher paper roughly 2 x 3 ft in size (Luckily, my husband owns a Hispanic newspaper and was able to get his hands on some free newsprint that was being thrown out.)

2) Washable markers, highlighters, or Sharpie Flip Chart markers (anything that won't bleed through the paper and onto the carpet if students decide to work on the floor)

3) Optional: One computer, iPod, iPad, etc. to check answers using

What To Do:

1) Group students in pairs (preferably mixed-ability)

2) Tell students to create and write their own Division Challenge problem using the following criteria (I wrote these instructions on the board for them to refer to.)
  •  There must be exactly 9 digits in the dividend and do not repeat any numbers (That way they won't write an easy problem like 777,777,777 divided by 7. Obviously I'm explaining this because it already happened and I learned by experience. #crazykids :P)
  • Tell them to choose a specific number for the divisor. I chose seven. That will prevent them from choosing an easy divisor like 2 or 3 that would end up being simpler to solve. Or you can allow them to choose a number greater than 5 but less than 10 to keep the challenge fair.   
3) Once finished students should OF COURSE check their answer by multiplying the quotient with the divisor. How many times do we have to say that, right??

4) Here's the optional part - If they have a "match," they should go to a computer, iPad, iPod, etc. and check their answer using the Long Division Calculator with Remainders at  Unless you don't want them to know this site exists - it could be a real temptation when doing homework. :P But since this is a culminating activity, you should be fine.

5) Once my kids had finished all these steps, I gave them 3 ClassDojo points because I'm a sucker for extrinsic motivation and probably use it too much.

6) You could then tell your early finishers to create an even bigger Division Challenge on the opposite side while waiting on the rest of the pairs to finish.  Mine really came through on this and solved some ridiculously large problems that were too big for the calculator website!

7) Bonus Points: We use the SeeSaw app which is a digital learning porfolio app, so I created a special Long Division Posters folder and students uploaded their masterpieces to SeeSaw to share with parents and peers.

(For extra EXTRA bonus points, you can have students create long division tutorials and upload them to SeeSaw, too. I assigned that last week as a homework assignment and then shared a few of them on our Smart Board when we had a few spare minutes.) Here's an actual example sped up and "GIFed."

And that's it! Super easy to prep and the students loved it. I also like that although it was a challenge, it wasn't competitive. Pairs worked at their own pace and the goal was simply to solve their own problem, not to finish first. They were very proud of their posters, and in the past I have placed them on the walls of the classroom.

So that's a wrap! What's your favorite activity/trick for teaching long division?

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FlapJack TpT Store

Hey, ya'll! TpT is hosting a sale to help inspire us all in the new year! Use promo code START16 to save 28% off of all FlapJack resources including class decor, QR code task cards, poke cards, Smart Board & PowerPoint games, lapbooks and more! Just click on any of the images in Google Slides below to see more or click here to go directly to the FlapJack store. Happy Shopping!

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20% Off Happy 2016 FlapJack Sale!

Hey, ya'll! To kick in the new year, ALL FlapJack resources are 20% off, today and tomorrow! Click below on any of the images in the Google Slides for more details or go straight to my TpT store. Happy 2016!

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Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates When You...

...fill out a short survey and subscribe to FlapJack. For those who like things quick without the back story, click here to fill out a short survey and receive these templates free.

Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates

Now, here's the story behind these FREE editable lapbook and interactive notebook templates:

Here at FlapJack I've realized my resources are ALL over the map. I started out making lapbooks, but now almost everything I create has something to do with technology. The first half of my teaching career was in a kindergarten classroom. Now I'm on year six of teaching 4th graders math and science in a Spanish immersion setting.

My resources reflect all of this which is good and bad. Good because I feel I have more to offer than if I had stayed in the kindergarten classroom my whole career. Bad because it's hard for people to find exactly what they need at my blog or at my store because there is just SO much that covers a wide range of skills and grade levels.

So, I really want to change that and I want to provide teachers with specific value for what they teach in the classroom. In order to that, I've created a survey (I know, surveys = yuck). But hopefully this way I can fill my newsletter emails with freebies and tips that you need instead of a hodgepodge of resources that may or may not pertain to your role in the classroom.

In order to motivate you to complete this very short survey because, believe me, I myself need major motivation to fill out any sort of survey, I've created eight FREE editable templates that you can use to create lapbooks and entries for your interactive notebooks.

Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates

You can even have your own students create lapbooks using the templates. Here are some of our organism lapbooks my students made by completing the templates on the computer and then printing and putting them together in a physical file folder.

Here's an overview of the eight lapbook templates you will receive after filling out the survey.

Free Editable Lapbook Interactive Notebook Templates

So, if you haven't yet clicked on one of the links in this post, go ahead and click on this one. In just a quick minute, you will have these easy-to-edit templates and be able to create something tailor-made for your classroom needs. I hope you enjoy them and they make your lesson just a little bit better. :)

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FREE Holiday Smart Board Games

FREE Holiday SmartBoard Games

If you're needing something quick and fun (and you have a Smart Board), I have two free Smart Board games. One is for comparing numbers on the kindergarten/1st grade level.

Comparing Numbers FREE Kindergarten Smart Board Games

The other is for comparing decimals on the 4th-5th grade level.

Comparing Decimals FREE Smart Board Games
Both use a fun Santa self-checking feature that your students will get a kick out of. If you don't have a Smart Board, but you do have an interactive whiteboard, you may be able to still open the games through the Smart Express site.

 If you need math Smart Board games, please check out the full FlapJack selection. All games are self-checking with fun themes that will keep your students engaged in math centers (and whole group) all year long. :)

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$30 Amazon and Teacher Resources Giveaway with Zip-a-Dee-DooDah Designs!

Who wants to win a $30 Amazon gift card and awesome resources from four different teacher authors?? I sure do! This amazing giveaway help by ZipADeeDooDah Designs​ is only open TODAY, so be sure to enter right now! It ends tonight at midnight!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Holiday Grab Bag Giveaway!

Hey, ya'll! I thought it would be a fun idea to do my Holiday Grab Bag Giveaway again this year! This resource has LOTS of fun items that your students will love to see and use during the month of December.

Here's what's included:

Christmas Lapbook

Holiday Owls Poke Cards to practice all math facts.

Holiday Editable Morning Work Templates

Holiday Owls Editable Newsletter from my Seasonal Owls Editable Newsletters Pack

December QR Code Writing Prompts

And more! The resources in the Holiday Grab Bag are discounted at over 50% off. Click here to see more or enter below to win your a copy for you and a teacher friend!

Yep, I think this would be a great gift idea for a teacher friend, so if you win, you may also gift a friend with a copy (Of course you could do that anyway, but you run the risk of having coal in your stocking, and I do NOT want that!). I've even created an editable gift message in PDF format that you can send along with the resource.

The contest ends December 12th at midnight! Best of luck and happy holidays!

FlapJack Holiday Sale at TpT - 28% Off!

Hey, ya'll! It's that most wonderful time of the year! I'm not just talking about the holidays, although they are amazing. I'm talking about the TpT cyber sale going on today and tomorrow! 

See something you like below? Click on any of the images in the Google Slides for more details or go straight to my TpT store. Don't forget to use the promo code!

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How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper (a kid-friendly tutorial)

Hey, ya'll! Well, it's almost time for Thanksgiving break, which means it's almost time for Colonial Day in 4th grade at my school. Which means I will teach 6 groups of students how to basket weave with construction paper.

How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper

Now this is a great activity, but I do not do well with having to repeat the same activity and instructions 6+ times in one day - who does?? So I created a tutorial video to show the students as we work on their mats. I think there will be a lot fewer errors, and I will not be so exhausted on the last day before Thanksgiving break - win-win!

All you need is a 12 in. by 18 in. pack of construction paper. One color will be the base for the mat and the other colors with need to be cut in 1 in. by 12 in. strips. It's all in the video, but if you need a quick craftivity for Thanksgiving Day or teaching patterns, just set up the construction paper with scissors and glue, play this video, and you and your kiddos are set!

Happy Thanksgiving!

How To Basket Weave With Construction Paper

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Classroom Learning With Jenga Blocks

So, Jenga blocks and I go way back. Ever since I came across Rachel Lynette's multiplication labels, I've been incorporating Jenga math fun on a regular basis (like with these self-checking QR code fraction labels).

FREE QR Code Fraction Jenga Labels

I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus which I love, so I decided to have lots of fun with it while sharing with you how easy it is to create Jenga learning games, with or without labels. I have even had my students help create them!

Here's my setup for my fun, little Jenga blocks iPhone video shoot.

 Classroom Learning With Jenga Blocks

If you're interested in purchasing Jenga blocks, here's my *Amazon affiliate link.

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Here's the video on how I use Jenga in the classroom. Hope you find it useful and I hope you'll subscribe to my channel! Thanks for stopping by!

Classroom Learning With Jenga Blocks

*Tabitha Carro is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or

5th Grade Math Smart Board Games Pack (At Last!)

Hey, ya'll! This pack of 5th grade math Smart Board games has literally been years in the making. This 4th grade teacher brain had to work overtime for this set of games, and I'm really happy to finally have this resource available for you.

5th Grade Math Smart Board Game Pack

There are sixteen self-checking games provided that each follow the same format. It's very easy for students to learn how to play, and once they start playing these games, they will ask you all the time to play them! My students beg to play them (4th grade set), and I always have a group at the SmartBoard during indoor recess.

Here's a look at all sixteen games included. If you think your fifth grade students could use some extra math review, click here or on any of the images.

Add Subtract Decimals

Add Subtract Fractions with Different Denominators

Add Subtract Mixed Numbers

Coordinate Graphing

Divide Decimals

Line Plots

Measurement Unit Conversions

Multiply Divide Fractions

Multiply Decimals

Multiply Whole Numbers

Division with Two-Digit Divisors

Numerical Expressions


Whole Number and Decimal Place Value

Plane Shapes


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