Poke Cards

What are poke cards? I get this question a lot. Poke cards are self-checking, engaging skill practice cards that follow the same format as Hot Dots. Except they're cheaper. And they don't require batteries. They do require a little bit of elbow grease to make but not too much! And once made, you have a fun center to last for several years later.

To Make:

1) Print out the cards.
2) Cut out cards and laminate.
3) Cut cards out again.
4) Hole-punch each card on the plus sign.
5) On the back of each card, circle the hole that corresponds to the right answer.

To Play:

1) Mix cards up and place face-up in a stack.
2) Students take turns choosing a poke card.
3) Using some form of poker (wands, coffee stirrers, pencil tips, tooth picks, pipe cleaners), students "poke" the circle with the correct answer.

4) They show the back of the card to their partner who affirms that they are correct or incorrect.

5) If correct, they keep the card. If incorrect, they place it at the bottom of the stack.
6) Once all cards are "won," students count their cards. The student with the most cards wins.
7) Play again.

Please check out poke card freebies and resources below!

Poke Card Freebies


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Find TONS of poke cards here below to help your students master many skills.




  1. Can we make requests? I would love to see poke cards for word study (aka phonics or Words Their Way). I am picturing cards that have a word on it like peek or bread and the choices are: short e, long e, or other. This would be perfect for Words Their Way small group time! Thanks!

  2. Wow, these are awesome! What a great idea.

    1. Thank you, Elynnor! Hope you enjoy them!

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  4. Hello, I found your free download from FlapJack Educational Resources linked to TeacherPayTeachers, thank you very much for the fun and educational activities you shared with everyone. Thank you! If you need anything in Mandarin, just email me and I can send you some by email, sorry I don't have the blog.


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