My Classroom, a hodgepodge of who knows what!

So, here are a few things to share in my classroom. There's no theme and not a lot of cohesive design going on. Maybe next year I'll work on that!

Our "Pared de Palabras"
You can download this for FREE at CURRCLICK or TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS.

My makeshift homework wall. Trying to save some whiteboard space! (The little magic wand gives my students "powers" to speak only in Spanish. Sometimes I touch their heads as they walk in to give them extra help. They usually just roll their eyes! :P)

Their Post Office, except this one is SPANISH ONLY.

Who says magnet letters are just for little kids? This is one of the favorite free time activities for my 4th graders.

Spanish Country Name Tags - I call the kids by country when I need small groups, to get in line, pack up, ect.

My favorite new addition - Our Recycling Center! Don't ask me why there are plastic bottles in the paper section. Not worth explaining!

I placed this title above the recycling center. "We are earth's heroes!
One of the kids put the first empty glue stick in one of the bins, and the kids started clapping! I was so happy!

One of the Dollar General windmills outside my portable. This will also double as an anemometer during our weather unit :P.

I beheaded one of the windmills to serve as a door decoration. We'll see how long it lasts!

Happy Teaching!


  1. It looks wonderful!! Very lucky students you have ;) Sra. Carro

  2. Aww, thank you Marie!! To be honest, I'm the lucky one, and I'm not just saying that. This group of kids are so agreeable this year, and I'm able to try out a lot of things with them.


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