Measurement Paper Quizzers (Cootie Catchers)

My kids and I had a blast today with these metric system paper quizzers (cootie catchers). At first I was going to have them play with partners and see who answered 5 correctly first. But what my students ended up doing was going to one student and doing a couple of questions back and forth and then finding another friend to do the same thing with that person (I have amazing kids. Normally this would not work for me, but with this group of kids it turned out to be fun, active learning with lots of movement).

I have also made paper quizzes on US capacity units and US length units. They are included in my Merry Measurement Conversion pack that is full of fun, holiday-themed activities to help students master measurement facts and how to convert among them. Click here to see the title at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Frosty wishes you a Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh, now you tell me this! ;-) I just finished measurements, but I've been looking for a good way to keep it fresh in their minds. Thanks for sharing these little gems.

  2. I'm sorry! Haha, well I have some multiplication CCs that you can get for free if you you like my TpT store. Thanks for the feedback!

    Multiplication Cootie Catchers


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