Rainbow Grouping Cards FREEBIE & Pack

Hey, guys! Thanks for participating in my 1,000 FB followers giveaway! Can't wait to pick the winners!

Well, I'm back again with a new freebie and classroom materials pack and this time the theme is the big, bright, beautiful RAINBOW. I think I finally have ROY G. BIV committed to memory, that's for sure!

So, the freebie consists of grouping cards with a colorful rainbow dot theme. You can use these cards to group students by different colors. You write their names in the middle of the cards, and you're good to go. I've also included team leaders, which I often find helpful for passing out materials, clean-up, and so forth. Just click on the image below for the download. :)

This freebie is included in a 160+ page classroom pack that includes:
Letter Posters A to Z

Student Binder Covers

Calendar Set

Classroom Job Display

Two Birthday Display Options



Seasonal Mini-Notes

Cute Bookmarks

Various Upper and Lower Elementary Name Tags

Monthly Newsletters

Numbers Set from 0-20

Various Teacher Materials

Word Wall

Behavior Coupons

You can check this title out at TpT or Teachers Notebook.

And if you've missed my other posts, I also have a Monster Pack, a Jungle/Safari Pack, and an Owl Pack with a FREEBIE from each.

Have a bright and colorful week! :)



  1. Love those rainbows! Thanks for the freebie! :-)

  2. Lovin' the bright colors! Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower :)
    Totally Terrific in Texas

  3. Thank you so much!!

  4. I love your work and follow your blog happily!I've also bought super things from your store. Would you consider making the owl alphabet in Cursive?


  5. Hey, Kimmie! I'm planning on it since I've been getting several requests for that. Give me a few days, and it should be ready, thanks!

  6. Wow- this is great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi! I LOVE rainbow order! My classroom looks a bit like a rainbow exploded. :)
    Any way you could put the grouping freebie into a powerpoint so I can type names/numbers into the center?



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