Another Spanish Attention Grabber

Hey, guys!

Had lots of fun going on this week! It was my 32nd birthday, and my husband surprised me a brand new car (a green Chevy Spark)! This was definitely a first in my life!

Anyways, I'm always looking for attention grabbers in Spanish to help quiet down my students. I added a new one to the collection this year that a former student actually made up. It's a silly, nonsense one, but I love it.

Here's a pic of the three attention grabbers I use in my classroom.

1) "¡No me gusta la meduza!" "¡Me gusta la lechuza!" Click here to download the posters.

2) "Quiero paz, quiero amor." "¡Quiero dulces, por favor!" You can find this poster here by Fun for Spanish Elementary Teachers.

3) "¿QuĂ© te pasa, calabaza?" "¡Nada, nada, limonada!" Click here to download the posters.

Hope you enjoy!

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