FREE Spanish QR Code Behavior Coupons

Hey, guys!

You may or may not have seen the coupons I made in English, but this year, to try to be as immersed as possible with my Spanish immersion students, I also made them in Spanish (and I think they came out a little cuter, too). If you teach Spanish or know anyone who does, please pass these along. If you just have one iPad, iPod (4th gen. or higher), or a smartphone, you can do this, and your kids will love you for it! Click here for the freebie.

If you'd like more info. on how to do it or to also check out the English version, click on the photo below.

I am also preparing to roll out a whole bunch of QR code tutorials for those who are interested, so I hope you'll follow along! Have an awesome week with your kiddos!

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Tabitha Carro


  1. How do we get them? :) I can't find the link. Thanks!

    1. Whooops! So sorry! Thanks for letting me know, Brita! Here's the link - Thanks a bunch!


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