How to Scan QR Codes

First off, what are QR codes? For a technical definition, here's what Wikipedia has to say:

For me personally, a QR code is a magical square that when scanned, will reveal a simple text, website link, an image, or an audio that goes appropriately with the activity I want it to.

How Do You Scan QR Codes?

Unfortunately, you must have some sort of technology, but even with one iPod 4 or higher, the world of QR codes has opened for you.

To my knowledge, these are the following devices that will scan QR codes:

1) iPod 4th generation or higher
2) Smartphone - although not to be encouraged, my students have used my own iPhone on many occasions. 
3) IPad 2 or higher, iPad mini (one day the iPad mini will be mine! :P)

Basically what your device needs is a camera and an app for scanning QR codes.

So, got one of the above devices?

Then let's begin:

1) Download the following scan app by going to the App Store of your device or iTunes on your computer. There are many scan apps out there, but this one is simple, free, and so far has gotten the job done.

2) Once your app has downloaded onto your device, open it up.

3) Point your device at the QR code below as if you were taking a picture of it.
4) Congrats! You're an official QR code scanner!

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