FlapJack Has Been Going Video Crazy!


I need to calm down seriously, but I've just been having too much fun filming and editing (and not having a life! :p) I've been working on making promo videos for all of my large bundles. You can see the ones I've done so far down below for my QR code task cards and kindergarten and 3rd grade Smart Board game packs.




And then this weekend I actually created my first promo video for another teacher author, Jennifer Sloane of 4mulafun. Hopefully she'll let me share the video because her Flippable Templates Mega Pack is so amazing and was perfect for putting in front of a camera. 

So, today I'm hoping to finish my 4th grade Smart Board promo video and share with you. And I'm curious to know if anyone else YouTubes or makes promo videos. Let me know because we should be friends! Here's my channel!


Have a great Sunday, ya'll!

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