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Well, it's obviously not my bright idea, but apparently some very intelligent person created a way to get automated student feedback with just an app on one device. It kind of works similar to QR codes if you're familiar with that. Instead of trying to write about it and get...word-tied(??), I've made a video to explain a little bit how it works. Obviously I couldn't show you in a classroom setting, but I think there are already some awesome videos out there that do that (Just be careful when you search or you will end up watching Kelly Pickler songs like I did!).

And if you're a early childhood teacher, Plickers can be done, too! Mary Amoson has a Plicker video just for you to show you how to tweak the cards to work for the little ones.

Here's my Plickers video:

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Tabitha Carro


  1. That looks so fun! Thanks for sharing :)

    Little In Betweens
    (formerly Teach on a Limb)

  2. Fun idea! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for the great idea! I'm always looking for new ways to add technology that is interactive - not technology for the sake of technology.

    Brownbag Academics

  4. WOW That is super awesome! Great video and thank you for sharing!
    Reading and Writing Redhead
    PS AWESOME Vegas shirt! Man I missed out on that !

  5. I demonstrated how they work in multiple workshops this summer. They were loved by all!

  6. Hi Tabitha,

    Jenn from Plickers, here. Thank you so much for your amazing post and video tutorial! We would love to send you a t-shirt as a small token of our appreciation for helping us share Plickers with educators everywhere!

    Please get in touch: jenn [at]




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