Thank You Gracias Cards FREEBIE and Neon Class Decor Pack

Hey, ya'll! After reaching a 10,000 fans milestone at Facebook, it sort of just hit me how fortunate, blessed, lucky, whatever you want to call it, I am to have gotten into this Internet teaching community. Three and a half years ago is when it really began for me, and let me tell you - it has upped my teaching game tremendously. I have learned so much from fellow teachers and received so much help through freebies and resources. Before I started exploring online, I was really teaching under a rock. I had my little bit of creativity, and I learned a lot from teachers next door to me in my school, but my PD basically stopped there. Now, although I am still not on top of the latest trends, I at least feel I am learning and improving my teacher skills on a regular basis.

As far as creating resources go, it is such a fun outlet for me, and the constant kind words I receive on social media, here and through positive feedback on TpT just mean the world to me. I often don't have time to say thank you, but I regularly read over kind feedback on TpT and mentally say thank you that someone was thoughtful enough to take the time to write me such encouraging words.

Soooo, this freebie is specifically to thank everyone out there. Anyone and everyone who has liked a Facebook post, read a blog post, written positive feedback, purchased a FlapJack resource - you are awesome! Thank you so very much! I appreciate you and hope this small freebie can give some kind of thanks in return.

Bilingual Thank You Cards:

These bilingual thank you cards can be printed out in a jiffy and used for parents, staff, anyone!

Bilingual Welcome Banner FREEBIE

Here's one more freebie I made using this neon theme that you can find over at the Bilingual Teacher Clubhouse.

These freebies were made while creating my Neon Themed Classroom Decor Pack. I had several people mention this as one they'd like to see on Facebook, and it seems to be a popular trend, so here's my take on it!

The Resource:

And a lot more! Click here or on the image to find it at my TpT store.

You can also see a preview at my YouTube channel:


I am always looking for neon-themed decor tips at Pinterest, so be sure to follow my board for lots of fun and creative ideas! Follow Tabitha Carro's board NEON Classroom Theme on Pinterest.
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    1. If you have an account with TeacherspayTeachers, you can download the freebie here - Thanks!


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