Bright Ideas: Dry-Erase Interactive Notebooks

It's Bright Ideas time!

We were working on place value earlier this month, and I was looking for an easy way to have students practice representing numbers (expanded form, words, etc.), so I started shopping for adhesive vinyl remnants for students to paste into their interactive notebooks.

I love sticking adhesive vinyl all over surfaces in my classroom for students to show their work, so I decided to try it out in their interactive notebooks. However, I had trouble finding vinyl scraps at a decent price, so I decided to go with duct tape.

With my first class I let them measure their strips, cut the strips, and stick them into their notebooks. This turned out a little messy, so for my second class, I went ahead and cut the strips and hung them from counters. I called students by tables to grab a piece.

So for about a week, we used our duct tape pages to practice writing numbers every day. The students really enjoyed it. I discovered the blue works better than red for erasing and contrasting with marker colors.

We also tried it later when practicing rounding.

I still want to experiment with other tapes, but overall it was a lot of fun and we can always flip back to these pages later in the year to revisit and practice these skills.

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  1. Such a great idea! I love that you can keep referring back to that page and practice multiple times!

    Swinging for Success
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  2. Yet another great use for duct tape! Where would we be without it?

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. What a FABULOUS idea! Love it!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  4. You can now buy dry erase tape (white) just like rolls of duct tape

    1. Thanks for letting me know that, Barbara! I will have to give it a try!


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