DIY Trophy Pencil Awards

Hey, ya'll! I was looking for something very special to give my students who can answer 50 math facts in a minute...and I think I found it!

My adorable mother-in-law is visiting us from Argentina, so we made a special visit to Party City so she could stock up on Star Wars accessories for my nephew's upcoming birthday party. Party City is very dangerous for us teachers! All that cheap, shiny plastic just begging to be used in our classrooms. So I did give in and buy a few things. I also found the perfect math facts prize.

I bought a pack of 12 pencils and a pack of 12 mini trophies. I tried hot glue, E6000 (AKA cancer) glue, and then finally Krazy glue. Krazy glue seemed to be the winner!

We'll see how long they last. I keep them in a bucket by my laptop in front of the classroom and my students have been talking a lot more about how they are going to practice their facts so they can win. I'm all about bribery...aren't we all!

Hope you having a super fantastic week!!!

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